The Nursepreneur in You Masterclass™

The Nursepreneur in You Masterclass provides expert educational services, business startup coaching, mentoring and mastermind networking for aspiring, emerging and experienced nurse entrepreneurs. Tihesha Simmons, RN  is the expert for nurses in transition from full time, no time working to small business owner and entrepreneur. She is the founder of The Nursepreneur  In You Community Network reaching nurses all over the world through her newsletter, #NursepreneurNU tweets, facebook post, The Nursepreneur in You blog and speaking engagements. The Nursepreneur in You Masterclass is  Tihesha’s  4D coaching program designed to help nurses Discover their entrepreneurial self and expertise; Develop their brand, business and marketability; Deliver their programs, products and services and Delegate creating a freedom based lifestyle and multiple streams of income. Join this exclusive program and let Tihesha help you move “From the Bedside to the Bank.”

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