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tihesha-simmons-frameTihesha has over 14 years of experience working with complex medical needs and intellectual/developmental disabilities. As a former nurse manager overseeing multiple community based program for one of the largest non profit organizations in the country and an approved DDA Registered Nurse, Case Manager / Delegating Nurse / MTTP Trainer, Tihesha is the founder of T.S.R.N. Training Services, LLC. and President of SmoovEnterprises. She is nationally certified Child Care Health Consultant an expert in developing comprehensive individual specific care plans and staff training programs focusing on increasing the person’s quality of life through prior proper planning, risk management and extensive staff development. She is dedicated to ensuring that individuals with I/DD thrive and live healthy lives as an inclusive part of their community. Tihesha is a founding board member and current Secretary for Developmental Disability Nurses Association Maryland chapter.

At the young age of 7 years old, Tihesha had a passion to teach and would host her own imaginary classes in her mother’s dining room. She also would be the first person to respond to an ailing family member when there was pain or illness. Following her passion to help others, Tihesha put herself through nursing school while pregnant with her first son and started her career as a licensed practical nurse (LPN). Her astounding patient care was featured in Advance for LPN’s magazine. Hitting the ceiling of opportunities in this role; Tihesha went back to school and obtained her BSN degree. After completing her BSN degree, Tihesha discovered that working full time was not going to give her the flexibility and lifestyle that she desired, so she turned back to her first love, Teaching, and founded T.S.RN Training Services, LLC.

Tihesha is one of the founding board members and Secretary for the Maryland Developmental Disability Nurses Association where she advocates and mentors new nurses joining the I/DD field.  Her mission is to show nurses from all levels and backgrounds that it is possible to use their nursing experience, gifts, talents and passions to start a business and live a freedom based lifestyle. She is a catalyst for new and experienced nurses all over the country, helping them discover their entrepreneurial genius through her newsletter, blogs, signature talks and 1:1 coaching and mentorship program The Nursepreneur in You™  How to strategically exit from the bedside to the Bank!