Tihesha Simmons empowers, inspires and equips nurses, unlicensed professionals and family caregivers to care for others with passion and excellence.



Tihesha is helpful and nice. You can ask questions and she doesn’t mind going over something until you understand. I feel like I’ve learned everything I need to be successful.
Makayla Bourguignon
Instructor [Tihesha Simmons] did a great job, everything was clear and organized. She is very educational and experienced and kept my attention throughout the course. I hope I can receive additional training from her in the future.
Lynette S. Waring
I remember dreading my all-day Saturday medication training class not too long ago. I also remember that your presentation was so fresh and interesting that the day just flew by. I even earned a perfect score on the class assessment. You [Tihesha] were so professional, knowledgeable and accessible to the whole class, regardless of what their level of experience was.
Lori Camille Schantz
Friendly, professional environment made my experience exciting & knowledgeable. Great time management.
Thomasina Filmore
Thank you for being positive impact! You have so much to offer and you give it willingly with grace.
T. Bailey
Thanks so much for Sharing your time and talent as a trainer. You go above and beyond the call of duty to insure staff have the skills they need to provide quality services. You are truly making a difference.
Tihesha is one of the best nurses I know in DD and its a pleasure to know her.
Tihesha is thorough, and she knows her stuff. She is the one I call whenever I need advice about my IDD clients.
C. Tanner
Tihesha has excelled in all of her career and personal ventures. It is a pleasure to know her and to work with her. She brings so much to the healthcare field that is needed and appreciated.
Irene Cady-Harrington, President of At Home Care Support and Staffing
I knew when I met her that she was a gift from God. She has taken me under her wing in my seasoned years and taught me how to be a I/DD nurse. I am so thankful for her wisdom and guidance.
M. Crumbie, RN